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Web Animations, Site Evaluations, Logo Design, Website Maintenance.








To catch the attention of prospective customers, good animations are a must on the site. The 2-D and GIF Animation is the leading way to make presentations that are powerful and grab your audiences attention. Net 2 Web Creations uses cutting-edge technology such as Macromedia Flash / Flash MX and  Macromedia Director, to create a multimedia presentation to stun your audience making them want more. Flying objects, dazzling effects, and rhythmic music combine to create an experience that won't be forgotten. If you want  your audience to be dazed,  you can count upon Net 2 Web Creations multimedia presentations.

We work with you from brainstorming an original idea to the development and maintenance of your project. We can design simple to very complex projects depending on your needs.

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Evaluating all aspects of your existing web site prior to redesign is crucial. The evaluation process is an important step to identify the areas of your web site that are effective and those that are not providing a positive affect.

Identifying your new goals and objectives are the driving force into the new design.








A LOGO is a unique symbol or design that represents a company, in this case, your company.

Your logo is the first visual impression that potential customers and clients see. You want that first impression to be clean, professional and distinctive.

Whether you have an existing logo, looking to update your image, or just starting the process, you want to develop an image that will stand the test of time. Six months a year or two years down the road, you still want to have that burst of pride that you had when you handed out your first business card with you new logo.

We can help you through this process.











Some of the reasons that will stop visitors from returning to your web site are having outdated content and/or broken links and/or no response from e-mails sent. Net2web creations can maintain your site or teach you how to maintain it. We offer maintenance contracts to fit your business needs. 

Whether you choose to maintain your site in-house or hire us to maintain it, we will guide you in performing periodic evaluations in an effort to keep a fresh presence. It is important to update links, remove outdated text, add new promotions, and occasionally redesign your site to keep users coming back.

Web maintenance can include any or all of the following:

Content updates.
Web host interface.
Setup new e-mail.
Renew domain registrations.

We take pride in our work and we are dedicated to helping each customer achieve and maintain their goals. For more information, please contact us.


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