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All You Wanted To Know About Internet Language. 

A compilation of most used web terminology.


 The Mother Tongue Of Web Sites. --  HTML.

HTML is the Web page designer's favourite and basic web page designing tool.                       HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark up Language and is basically a scripting language. It marks up a page with formatting commands, which are called HTML tags. A Web Browser then interprets these tags and presents the page in a format as directed by them.   

Some Important HTML Tags are given below.



<HTML>....</HTML> Encloses the entire HTML document and identifies as a HTML code.
<HEAD></HEAD> Identifies the head section of the HTML document.
<TITLE></TITLE> Indicates the title of the Document
<BODY></BODY> Encloses the body of the HTML document.
<P></P> Denotes the paragraph. This tag introduces blank lines.
<BR> Signals the beginning of a new line.
<H1></H1> Tag for heading; this is the largest heading size.
<H2></H2> Progressively decreasing heading sizes, till H6
<A></A> The anchor tag creates a link to another page on hard disk or to page on another web server
<SMALL></SMALL> Enclosed text comes in small fonts.
<BIG></BIG> Enclosed text comes in slightly bigger fonts.
<SUPER></SUPER> For superscripting enclosed text. Eg. X2
<SUB></SUB> For subscripting enclosed text. Eg. H2O
<STRIKE>...</STRIKE> Draws a line through text. Eg. CANCELLED
<I>...</I> Makes enclosed text italics.
<B></B> Makes enclosed text bold.
<U></U> Underlines the enclosed text .
<FONT></FONT> Helps to specify various attributes that set the appearance of the text.
<OL></OL> Encloses an ordered (numbered) list.
<UL></UL> Encloses an unordered (bulleted) list
<LI> Indicates a list item in an ordered/unordered list
<IMG> Indicates a graphic image is to be inserted in the web page.
<HR> Stands for Horizontal Rule


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